Follow Up Emails (Autoresponders)

No one likes the silent treatment. Keep the conversation going with your customers by using automatic follow up emails (autoresponders).

No matter how busy you are, follow up emails (sometimes called autoresponders) make sure your clients know you have time for them. Set up a single follow up email or create a series of autoresponder emails that go out when a contact is added to a list. Autoresponders are perfect for welcome emails, tutorials or sharing old content with new contacts.

Hello {First_name},

Hello John,

Personalized Email Marketing (Merge tags)

Keeping new subscribers engaged requires a special touch. Let them know you're glad they subscribed right from the start by rewarding them with a personalized email marketing campaign that shares information about your company and what you have to offer them.

Delivering Timely Messages on Time

Autoresponders are the perfect tool to put the right message in your subscribers inbox at the right time. While you're busy handling other business, let Campayn take care of alerting your contacts welcome emails, that there's two days left in their free trial or that it's time to renew their subscription. Our easy-to-setup autoresponders keep your branding, alerts and other marketing information in front of your customers no matter what else you have going on.

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