Multi user accounts

Collaborate on email marketing campaigns with YOUR team members using Campayn's multiple user accounts.

Corporate Teams

Involve your whole team in creating a winning email marketing campaign with multiple user accounts. Stay in control of the project by assigning permission levels based on 3 different roles: owner, admin and user. You can also keep team members informed about your latest brand assets and promotions by uploading them to the Campayn's Content library and sharing access.


Empower your franchisees to create and send polished marketing emails that boost local sales, improve brand loyalty, and free up your in-house designers to work on other initiatives. With multiple user accounts you maintain the integrity of your brand by uploading approved design assets and sharing access with franchisees.

You'll spend less time managing your brand and more time building it with Campayn's asset-sharing features.


  • Grant any user admin privileges
  • Allow or deny user access
  • Allow users to share owner’s plan or pay for an individual account
  • Log in as any user
  • Share images
  • Share templates
  • Reset passwords