Getting to the inbox

Spam Checker

Stay out of the junk folder with Campayn’s industry-leading spam checker by SpamAssassin™

At Campayn, we know ugly labels like "junk" and "spam" never apply to the quality emails our clients create. That's why we work so hard to help you avoid spam flagging and get your emails delivered to your subscribers' inboxes.

Spam-proofing your emails

Optimize your emails for deliverability by filtering your content through SpamAssassin™ to determine whether any of your email's content could be classified as spam.

SpamAssassin™ meticulously checks your content against the most recent list of common spam words while also taking into account your emails format, coding, links, images, and other key email elements that might cause

your email to get routed to a junk folder. Based on this review, you will receive tips to help you improve any content that needs to be addressed.

As an integrated part of Campayn's Message Editor, the SpamAssassin™ assessment is a seamless part of the newsletter creation process ensuring that every email gets a thorough review so it can pass strict anti-spam ISPs.