Winery: Toast to a Winning Email Marketing Campaign

Connect with wine enthusiasts quicker and more effectively with an email newsletter.

  • Share engaging video of how your wine gets from the vineyard to the bottle.
  • Establish yourself as a trusted wine authority with informative newsletter content.
  • Let customers know instantly about special in-store events, discounts and more.
  • Boost sales and customer interest with easy-to-create "Wine of the Month" emails.

Ready? Click. Go.

With Campayn's user-friendly email marketing tools, your winery's campaign can be ready to go in minutes:

Easy Drag & Drop Templates

You can't go wrong with our beautiful selection of templates that feature drag and drop blocks so you can easily add your logo, colors and winery photos.

Informative Email Analytics

Find out who is reading your emails and newsletter content so you can better tailor your messaging and content to meet their interests.

Email Sign Up Forms

Sign up quality subscribers to ensure your email campaigns get delivered to wine enthusiasts who value your content.

Show your customers how well you know their tastes with Email Segmentation!

This wonderful feature allows you to send content to specific subsets of your subscriber list such as:

  • Red wine lovers
  • White wine enthusiasts
  • Frequent customers
  • Event attendees